Spreading key/value pairs across multiple memcached servers

Andreas Vierengel avierengel at gatrixx.com
Wed Dec 1 08:37:36 PST 2004

Am Mi, den 01.12.2004 schrieb Chris Hartjes um 16:50:
> My boss has requested that if we are to implement the use of memcached
> for our site, that we need to "load balance" the data we place in
> multiple memcached servers.  I guess the concern is that we would be
> overtaxing one memcached server while other memcached servers are
> being underutilized.
> Thoughts?  Comments? 

Do you think of "pools of hosts" ?
Each pool is determined by key-hashing (probybly ratio-based) and within
the pool the host is determined via some sort of ratio-round-robin ?
Setting a key has to be set on all hosts within a pool, of course. And
memcached must probably be startet mit option -M

hmmm, does this make sense to somebody ?


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