Spreading key/value pairs across multiple memcached servers

Sean Chittenden sean at chittenden.org
Wed Dec 1 09:18:42 PST 2004

> Okay, one last question before the sales pitch (which is looking good 
> anyway):
> Since the client accepts a list of what servers to talk to, I'm
> assuming that when you put a new memcached server up, you have to
> modify your code to pass the new server to your client, right?


<informal_answer>Though at the moment, via libmemcache(3), I've got 
server lists stored in a shared memory segment and can modify the 
server list for an entire host from the command line.  I haven't had 
too much time to play with this yet, but I think that's going to be the 
future for client libraries: having a global server list that's 
maintained outside of the application.</informal_answer>  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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