libmemcache 1.0.1

Sean Chittenden sean at
Wed Dec 8 16:06:40 PST 2004

> It seems I didn't test my patch for long values enough ;)

Heh.  I need to develop a good set of regression tests for this, which 
I haven't done yet.  My current tests (and production) only use 
libmemcache(3) with smaller values.  I suppose a good way to identify 
problems would be to set GET_INIT_BUF_SIZE to something insanely small 
like 32 and watch it work from there.

> Each time the read() command was reading more and more (first pass 
> 1024,
> second 2048, ...) where as each time it should read 1024.  This was
> caused by my not updating the mc->cur to mc->read_cur in one of the
> calculations.

I need to reread this chunk of code.

> See attached second patch which is just two quick changes of mc->cur ->
> mc->read_cur.  This patch is against 1.0.2 as I haven't had a chance to
> take a look at the 1.1.0rc1 yet today, but I suspect you can convert it
> over very easily.

Yup.  I've committed your patch to 1.1.  Just be warned, the changes to 
the code are extensive in the sense that patches against 1.0.X will 
have to be manually applied to the 1.1 code.

> Sorry for the mistake!

Don't apologize, it was my bug to begin with.  I should be the one with 
the pointy hat.  I've been meaning to do an audit of mcm_get_line() 
anyway: I'll try and get to that tonight or tomorrow morning.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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