apr_memcache 0.6.0 released

Paul Querna chip at corelands.com
Fri Dec 10 16:34:35 PST 2004

I have released apr_memcache version 0.6.0 on outoforder.cc:

Quick Features:
  - Supports all commands

  - Supports Multiple Server selection via crc32 hash.

  - Creates a dynamicly sized pool of client connections for use in a 
multi-threaded application. All threads will then share this pool, 
reducing the overhead of creating new connections. (Can also be set to 
use a single connection if you are not using a threading).

  - Works great for Apache Modules (my personal primary use case).

License: Apache Software License version 2.0

Can apr_memcache be added to the Client API Page?


-Paul Querna

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