Benchmark of client APIs per get query?

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Sat Dec 11 12:36:45 PST 2004

I'm curious to find out if there are any bencharks WRT client APIs.

I wrote a quick benchmark to test against my localhost running Memcached 
1.1.11 and the Java client 1.1 and I'm seeing about 1ms per get().

I noted in the archives WRT apr_memcached:

> I was quite surprised at how much it beats the Perl Client...
> 2967 vs 16650 gets a second in my tests.. (scripts I used are at the 
> URL above)
Well I'm seeing < 1000 gets per second.   I also see less than < 500 
gets+sets per second (when I do this at the same time).

I expect some of this to be related to Java serialization.

So I have a few questions:

1. Has anyone created a client benchmark?  It would be interesting to 
have a basic benchmark with clients storing to localhost N bytes and 
then trying to determine gets() per second.

2. How does apr_memcached store objects in memcached?  Direct byte[]s 
from memory?  Any ideas why its so much faster?

3. How does the perl client store them?


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