Benchmark of client APIs per get query?

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Sat Dec 11 17:00:13 PST 2004

Gregory Block wrote:

> On 11 Dec 2004, at 20:36, Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>> Well I'm seeing < 1000 gets per second. I also see less than < 500 
>> gets+sets per second (when I do this at the same time).
> Depending on whether or not you've got compression on, and the limit 
> on the threshold you have set, that can have an effect. Also, to negate
> serialisation, you can always perform your gets/sets on strings, and 
> turn off serialization.

Yeah... I didn't see this option. I did have gzip compression off 
though. Its a good option but only if you set your threshold correctly.

Setting serialization for strings is about 2x as fast but I'm curious 
how this will change things if I use the Externalizable interface which 
in practice for an INT is about 2x faster than serialization.

I'm sure it will be MUCH faster for our OR layer objects as they are big...

> Once you've eliminated serialization overhead and the cost of gzip 
> compression stream handling in java (which is dead slow), you'll have a
> better idea of what's *actually* impacting.
Yeah... benchmarking it again in a production scenario (gigabit, two 
dedicated machines with Xeon 3.6Ghz processors) I get about 4k gets per 
second on a integer.

I'm now curious how much non-zero copying the data from the VM to the 
kernel is taking. I'd like to get per query latencies down to very 
minimal CPU.

Curious how fast libmemcached would be for a 1024 byte message done with 
a get...

> Serialization is bound to be some of that overhead - but depending on 
> what you're writing, it's gzip that's the eater of babies.
Yup.. .in summary... disabled gzip, disabled serialization and used 
externalizable and I can get about 4k per second gets..

Bet I can get it faster though ;)


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