LRU semantics...

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Sun Dec 12 17:07:31 PST 2004

I can't seem to find this documented anywhere.

What happens if I want to store more keys/values that memcached can't 
handle?  Does it expire keys based on use as an LRU cache would do?

Google apparently thinks:

>There's an existing debug command, "stats cachedump" (perhaps not 
>documented in the protocol, I don't remember - it's not meant to be 
>stable or official) which allows you to list first N keys in a 
>particular LRU queue (there're about 15 LRU queues, each for a different 
>size class), where N could also be "all of them". This gives you a 
>momentary snapshot. However, it's not a stable command, and 
>its meaning/syntax will change at some point when we redesign the
>LRU structure of memcached. 
So I guess the answer is yes...

Maybe a FAQ entry?



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