[Fwd: [Dev] memcached option to always use non-serialized primitive types?]

Kevin A. Burton burton at newsmonster.org
Mon Dec 13 21:56:21 PST 2004

Evan Martin wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 10:28:39PM -0800, Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>>If we assume the basic types are interned we could use the first byte as 
>>the type with the remaining bytes as the value.  Then on get() we could 
>>read the first byte to determine the type and then construct the correct 
>>object for it.  This would prevent the ClassCastException I talked about 
>You can also use the memcached per-item flags to specially store a few
>sorts of types: n bits allows for 2^n different representations.  Byte,
>int, and string ought to be enough for most uses.
Yeah... honestly I saw that and it looked interesting. Whats the size of 
the flag? How many bits?

I really only have 10 types I have to represent and right now the 
java-memcached driver only needs to represent 11 flags (one being gzip 



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