pgmemcache 1.0rc1...

Sean Chittenden sean at
Fri Dec 17 16:39:10 PST 2004

Howdy.  As many may have noticed, I've been working on getting 
pgmemcache in shape for the 8.0 release of PostgreSQL.  Well, I'm 
nearly done and am just sitting tight until then, but thought I'd 
spread the joy.  There's now a real installation process and 
documentation for those that have used it in the past.  pgmemcache 
requires libmemcache(3) 1.1.0rc2 or later.


Docs (included in tarball):

Please use it, thump on it, etc.  This should work in a pre-8.0 
environment too, fwiw.  I don't have any 7.X boxen around though, 
they're all on 8.X now.  :)  I'm very interested in feedback.  Anyway, 
please let me know if anyone has any questions.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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