Transparent failover and restore?

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Sun Dec 19 15:56:25 PST 2004

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

>If you want to use memcached as a data store instead of a /cache/, then
>use MySQL Cluster:
>It was designed for that, doing the whole redundant storage and two-phase
>commit thing, while memcached was designed to be a cache.
I've also thought of using MySQLs memory tables as an LRU cache as a 
memcached replacement. It would support btree indexing, hash indexing, 
replicated data, etc. The client would have to route storage of the keys 
via hash() % Nservers but this isn't hard. The big downside is that (at 
least in Java) the MySQL JDBC driver is about 1ms where it seems that an 
optimized memcached could perform 500 gets() per 1ms.

Of course that argument is negated a bit if the mysql driver could be 
made more efficient.

Theres also the added benefit that (maybe) MySQL would have better 
memory storage since it knows the exact object size due to schema and 
coudl serialize correctly espcially if you use an OR layer. Though my 
recent patches to java-memcached make it use a LOT less memory so this 
might be irrelevant.



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