Transparent failover and restore?

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Sun Dec 19 17:30:06 PST 2004

Greg Whalin wrote:

> Though, how often do you see motherboards and memory fail on running 
> machines.  Not that often in my experience.

Very often in my experience.. the more commodity servers means the more 
components that can fail. Murphy is a harsh mistress...

At any point in time any component could fail and the cluster should not 

> Given you don't really need a drive in a memcached server, seems much 
> less likely that you will see hardware failure in a memcached server 
> compared to the average.  In all, it seems pretty unlikely that a 
> memcache machine will fail, and given the cheap cost, one can build a 
> pretty large cluster limiting the total percentage of cache lost if 
> one of these servers does fail.
Accidents happen.  We had one of our admins hit the power switch to the 
bottom 1/2 of one of our racks. I want my software smart enough to 
handle and recover from any problem.  Makes my job a lot easier ;)

Read the Google cluster architecture.  Machines fail and they take their 
time replacing them. 



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