libmemcache(3) 1.1.0rc4...

John McCaskey johnm at
Tue Dec 21 17:28:27 PST 2004

This is awesome Sean.  I've been running very stable for days now under
an extremely high load of around 1million sets/gets per hour.

One thing I'm curious about is that there doesn't seem to be any attempt
to detect a server coming back up, once it goes down its deactivated,
and then its down for good unless I create a new memcache object and
readd the server.

Any plans to add something to detect servers coming back up?  Would this
be something you would accept a patch for if I do it?  To avoid the
performance hit of always checking, I'd be fine with seeing it as a
seperate function that attempts to check each deactivated server that
must be explicitly called when you want to check.

On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 14:02 -0800, Sean Chittenden wrote:
> Howdy y'all.  Wanted to drop a quick note that rc4 is available.  It 
> includes a few important bits:
> *) Long line requests/responses are finally working correctly (thought 
> I'd fixed this earlier, but hadn't).  Thanks to John McCaskey for his 
> patches and test cases.
> *) New callback interface.
> *) Added a ChangeLog w/ complete history of the libraries 
> endeavors/travels.
> The callback interface is nifty and I think other language interfaces 
> may want to implement their own version of it.  Essentially what it 
> does is let you piggy back get requests so that there's only one get 
> request that gets sent across the wire even though different parts of 
> code need their bits.  I'll let people's imagination run with how this 
> could be used, but I'm finding it to be exceedingly handy in reducing 
> the number of actual get requests made.  Look in regress.c (at the 
> bottom) or memcache.h for an example.  Enjoy.
> static void my_callback(MCM_CALLBACK_SIG);
> static void
> my_callback(MCM_CALLBACK_FUNC) {
>    struct memcache_res *res = MCM_CALLBACK_RES;
> ...
> }
>    req = mc_req_new();
>    res = mc_req_add(req, "callback", MCM_CSTRLEN("callback"));
>    mc_res_register_fetch_cb(req, res1, my_callback, NULL);
> -sc
John A. McCaskey
Software Development Engineer
Klir Technologies, Inc.
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