libmemcache(3) 1.1.0rc4...

Sean Chittenden sean at
Wed Dec 22 15:08:50 PST 2004

> Has anyone done a php or python (pyrex) wrapper for this yet or have 
> one
> slated to be written?

I'm going to write a basic Ruby and PHP wrapper in the next week 
that'll be MIT licensed.  I've had a large number of people ask me to 
do a Perl XS wrapper, but haven't gotten to that... yet.  I'm sure I'll 
get around to it, but Perl's a bit further down on my list compared to 
other languages simply because I have no need for perl at the moment.  
On the bright side, Perl will get done way before I write a JNI 
wrapper.  :-]  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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