PHP API and Memcache::getStats

Jeraimee Hughes jhughes at
Mon Dec 27 09:27:16 PST 2004

When using Memcache::getStats on my two memcached servers some fields 
are coming back with values that I think may be off. Since I've never 
used memcached before I'm hoping someone else can give me some clues 
before I write a test case using the C or other language API.

curr_items and total_items are always 0 - Is this a php memcache bug or 
is this field not the actual "rows" stored in memcached?

cmd_get and cmd_set are always 0 - Again, is this a php memcache issue?

get_hits is also always 0 and I'm assuming it shouldn't be under normal 

bytes_read seem to jump by 22 bytes which makes me assume it's my 
getStats command results rather then a true value even when other users 
are using the two servers.

bytes_written however is going up and up so I know there is usage 
(aside from our own tests telling us it's working).

My largest concern is "flying blind" with no idea of the number of 
items being stored, etc. If these are bugs in the php implementation of 
the c api I'll gladly take a look at them but I'm hoping I'm just 
missing something rather then these being simply bugs that never got 

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