CLR/C# client

Diego Caravana diego at
Wed Dec 29 16:26:41 PST 2004

Hi Jason,

   I would like to try your version and back port it to 1.1 which is my 
actual production platform. I don't know if I'll have time to do 
extensive tests, but I'll do for sure performance tests, maybe besides 
the memcached client test app modified by me. In any case, I'll not do 
tests before the end of my vacancies ;) .

I will be happy if you can send it to me or give me a pointer.

Thank you a lot!

Jason Rimmer wrote:
>     I've completed a port of Whalin's Java client v1.1 to C# but haven't 
> had much time to test, optimize, or clean up the code.  I've only 
> verified that it passes the ported version of the client test app.  If 
> you or anyone is interested in assisting I'm game to post it.
>     It's currently targeting the .NET v2 API though very little of it's 
> v2 specific so back porting to v1.1 shouldn't be difficult.

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