Jason Titus jtitus@postini.com
Mon, 9 Feb 2004 22:18:29 -0800

Anyone running memcached on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3?  I'm having a =
hard time finding getting epoll working on this distro.  Seems like the =
glibc supports it, but the kernel doesn't, and I can't find a patch that =
will go against 2.4.21-EL cleanly (or even 2.4.21).  I suppose we could =
go for the vanilla kernel, but that would mean a bunch of time to harden =

Anyone gotten epoll (or rtsig) working with RHEL?  We want to deploy on =
RHEL 3 w/ Opterons.  Should be a nice memcached server if we can get a =
fast libevent setup...

Thanks for any help,

p.s. - For the record, memcached works fine with poll on the Opterons.  =
Loaded up a couple of gigs of data and hammered it for a while.  I just =
imagine it will slow down a bit when we give it more connections.