Cache::Memcached with mod perl

Chris Ochs
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 22:32:14 -0800

Running under a mod perl handler.  I am calling Cache::Memcached new every
time the handler is run and there is only one memcached server running.

I am getting a lot of calls to _dead_sock when I call set.  If I call set
repeatedly memcached calls _dead_sock every time.  If I wait about 5-10
seconds it stops calling  _dead_sock and works fine.   This behavior only
shows up under mod perl, and only when I set a value and keep setting it
every few seconds.

It also does this when running apache with -X.

Anything obvious I should be doing before I spend a bunch more time
debugging?  I must be missing something about how the perl client works that
makes it do this under mod perl.