mecached - text protocol?

Michael Alan Dorman
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 17:01:34 -0400

Brad Fitzpatrick <> writes:

> A binary protocol would be a nice addition.  In particular, the
> whitespace problem in keys bugs me as well.  I want that fixed.
> And while we're happy with the current performance, I'm sure it
> could improve.
> Let's discuss both the format of the binary protocol and its
> implementation on this list.  It should be very easy to add.

I tend to agree with Anatoly---I'm not sure that having a text-based
protocol is b0rken.  I like the fact that I can sniff the data stream
and see what's going on without needing some other tool to decode it.

However, if the decision is made to move to a binary protocol, could I
suggest you look at something standard, and perhaps even mention ASN.1
as a specific possibility?

I think it has several things going for it---since it's used for LDAP
it's well understood, I imagine that language support is fairly
pervasive (though, of course, I only looked at Convert::BER ;), and
libraries for it should be thoroughly debugged and stable.

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