mecached - text protocol?

Michael Alan Dorman
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 21:40:15 -0400

Brad Fitzpatrick <> writes:
>> However, if the decision is made to move to a binary protocol, could I
>> suggest you look at something standard, and perhaps even mention ASN.1
>> as a specific possibility?
> Then Ethereal would decode it, too.

That had occured to me, too, although I wonder what the details of
"turning on" a certain sort of decoding are---I only ever seem to use
Ethereal for looking at HTTP traffic.  I guess at the very least you
can just tell it "decode as ASN.1" or something.

> But as for debugging, both the server and (Perl) client already have
> debug modes, so I've never found myself looking at tcpdumps.

Actually, I suppose I should extract a diff for a couple of additions
I made locally---I was getting a MEMORY_ERROR (or SERVER_MEMORY or
something, I forget) when I was testing, as I was running with a very
small amount of memory, which I only located when I added a couple of
additional debug statements.

I have a dream of a world where huge chunks of CPAN gradually become
infected with Log::Log4perl support, so that, eventually, you could
have configurable, standard instrumentation of not just the code you'd
written, but also library code you're calling.

I've sometimes toyed with the idea of a source filter that would do an
assert-like job of defining the debug statements into nothingness
unless you set some flag, at which point they would pop back into
existence and let you show what all's going on in your program.

Which of course made me look at the perlfilter manpage, which makes it
start to look actually kind of easy.  Hmmm, with the support for
balanced delimiters in late-model perl, doing something along the
lines of

LOGINIT ("config");
DEBUG ("Whatever you want to get");

might actually be reasonable.  Cool.

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