mecached - text protocol?

Michael Alan Dorman
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 09:08:55 -0400

Brad Fitzpatrick <> writes:

> When people play with it in small installations they run -m 5 or
> something (5 megs), then put in 5 objects of varying sizes, each
> allocating a 1MB slab page.  Then they put in their 6th object and
> get OUT_OF_MEMORY or whatever it says, because there's not a 6th MB
> to make a 6th slab class.  In production, with 128 MB and up of
> memory, that just doesn't happen.  (and if it does, there are ways
> to tune the slab usage at run-time without taking down the server)

Ah, you see, all my knowledge of slab allocators comes from reading
linux-kernel for the last zillion years, and it doesn't make such
high-order allocations for the slab caches.

In this context, though, it makes perfect sense.

You're such a delicate boy -- Garbage