memcached 1.1.11 install glitch (fwd)

Evan Martin
Sun, 25 Jul 2004 00:35:21 -0700

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 10:01:34AM -0700, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Can anybody who speaks autoconf help us with this?

The typical solution in other autoconf'd software is to put the manpage
in the toplevel directory, as Jamie wrote:

> Simple fix is to move memcached.1 out of the doc/ subdir and edit
> the man_MANS line in;  or have make recurse into doc/
> and put a Makefile in there.  I don't know what the complex fix
> would be, I speak Makefile about as well as I speak French (je ne
> parle pas le metalangue).

I can't remember the memcache layout, but the other solution I've used
is to do:

in toplevel
 SUBDIRS = doc
in doc/
 man_MANS = memcached.1
 # not quite sure why this is necessary with the above, but:
 EXTRA_DIST = memcached.1

Evan Martin