use memcached in order to stock info session

Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:16:28 +0200

hi , I'm working about the project  , 
it's a reverve proxy with ldap authentification (sso) . I use for this  
apache + mod_perl + apache::session. Sessions are saving in mysql (I 
tried  File also ) . Using mysql for this it's heavy .I m  four  sso'box

I want use memcached instead .

the  first step :
generate id session  with MD5 .
use %session  like apache::session
store %session with memcached.
 memd->set($idsession,\%session );

the second step (an another request)

after the cookie gives  me the id session .
I  apply a $memd->get($idsession)  and I find out  the %session .

That do you think about this ?   no need mysql

eric german