memcached++ - C++ API to memcached

Sergey Prikhodko Sergey Prikhodko <>
Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:50:07 +0300

Hi, All,

  We've written C++ API to memcached, it's very simple and supports
  only basic operations. You can find it here

  Unfortunately when testing memcached with this API, we found that
  for our task (caching havy sql requests to database) it almost 5
  times slower than dumb in-process cache. So, we not planning future
  work with it. I'll be glad :) if it will be useful for somebody. If
  you want to continue development of this project, please contact me.

  Sergey Prikhodko      
  Network-ASP Ltd.                
  ICQ: 83537536