CPAN Upload: B/BR/BRADFITZ/Cache-Memcached-1.13.tar.gz

Brad Fitzpatrick
Sun, 30 May 2004 14:14:48 -0700 (PDT)

The latest version of the memcached Perl client is now on CPAN, or at:

Note the new version numbering.  (We jumped from 1.0.12 to 1.13)

Lot of changes since the last release.  I apologize for taking so long
to do this.  I'll try and do more frequent releases.  Email me if I
missed anything in this release.


        * release version 1.13

2004-05-26 (Whitaker <>)
        * quiet warning

2004-05-25 (Whitaker <>)
        * get_multi shouldn't modify caller's @_

2004-05-18 (Michael <>)
        * namespace support
        * use fields

2004-05-16 (Alexei Kozlov <>)
        * remove warnings with vec

2004-04-09 (brad)
        * in perl 5.6, trap errors dethawing 5.8 storable objects
          and instead treat it like a cache miss

        * use $! and not %! for perl 5.6 compat (Dave Evans <>)
        * don't mark whole IP dead anymore when a node is down (Jason Titus <>)
        * start version numbering (Jamie McCarthy <>)

2004-03-09 (Brad/Avva)
        * _oneline can return more than one line (but always on a line break),
          so caller must decide when it's really time to quit.  had to modify
          run_command to know that.  (which is used by stats)

2004-03-05 (Dave Evans <>)
        * Here's a really trivial patch for the Perl binding,
        Cache::Memcached.  The bug is that the module assumes that the
        currently select()ed filehandle is STDOUT, but this might not be
        the case.  So this patch ensures that the select()ed filehandle is
        preserved, not forced to STDOUT.

2004-02-29 (Brad)
        * add readonly option

2004-02-27 (Avva)
        * Cleaner handling of the case when _oneline is called without a
          line parameter (i.e. not to send anything, just read a line from
          the socket).  Make it depend on $line being defined only,
          regardless of its content (thanks Brad!).

2004-02-25 (Avva)
        * Asyncify all I/O, finally get rid of alarm() yuckiness, unify all
          one-liner command/responses into a single internal API.

        * document in POD the delete method

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