Size limit?

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This issue worried me some time ago, but I though that playing with the
values POWER_SMALLEST, POWER_LARGEST, POWER_BLOCK defined in slab.c could
be enough to solve this issue. Has anyone tried?. Is it safe?


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It'd be easy to change.

Read the memory layout document in the doc/ directory to understand the
slab allocator first.

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Jeraimee Hughes wrote:

> I've been informed there is a 1M size limit on memcached entries. I'm
> going to review the source and see what can be done about this but in
> the mean time I wanted to find out if this was really the case, and
> why.
> We are currently building some prototypes using memcached and this
> could be a show-stopper.
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