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Dave Evans memcached-list-20040309 at
Tue Nov 23 09:57:46 PST 2004

Sean Chittenden wrote:
> Howdy.  Last night I gave a presentation on pgmemcache and libmemcache
> to the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group.  For the interested parties,
> the presentation is available at:

Hi Sean / list,

pgmemcache is just about exactly what I'm looking for - excellent job!
The way I'm thinking of using it in my application is to have "for each
row after insert/update/delete" triggers in Postgres, which do a
memcached "delete".  Thus, when the database is modified, the cache is
automatically invalidated.  The checking of the cache, and the
population thereof, would be done elsewhere.

Anyway, on to my question... how mature / stable / well-tested is this
work?  I'm trying it out on my dev box here, and so far it's behaving,
but I'm a little reluctant to install it on our production server
without hearing maybe a few encouraging noises from other people... I'm
timid like that ;-)

Anyway great work!  It looks like it'll come in VERY handy :-)


P.S. Why not call it "libmemcache*d*" / "pgmemcache*d*"?  Seems more
obvious, given the name of the thing it's all based on.


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