libmemcached Q

Ian Holsman lists at
Tue Nov 23 17:25:30 PST 2004

I've been trying to get libmemcached working with a apache module.

sniffing the network it looks fine... I see memcached set'ing & get'ing 
the same thing back.

but .. it seems to return garbage in the data area..


the structure I'm storing is
typedef struct {
     int size;
     int nelts;
     int posn;
     int lastseenposn;
     apr_time_t times[];
} user_details;

user_details *det

I'm storing it via
     rc = mc_set( conf->mc, key, strlen(key),
             det, sizeof(user_details) + sizeof(apr_time_t)* 

and grabbing it via..

det = mc_aget(conf->mc, key, strlen(key));

and it returns crap

am I missing something here?

oh.. as for the OS/X question..
the problem seems to be on the client side.. the wait still occurs when 
I run the server on a linux (rh7.3) box

if it helps.. I hang out on freenode as iholsman


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