memcached for win32, new java api

Greg Whalin gwhalin at
Mon Nov 29 09:59:29 PST 2004

Hmmm, not sure why one would want the added overhead of running a 
windows server for a memcached server?!

Concerning the java client, this is definitely outdated.  A new version 
was released in early Sept (  The 
current java client does use a connection pool (though not the one from 
Jakarta).  Did not see any point in spawning worker threads at the 
client level as it seems that better to handle parallelism at a higher 
layer in the code, especially given the fact that we are using a pool 
and thus should not end up blocking on any network activity.  Perhaps 
having a load-multi would be a useful method to add to the API, and 
there I could see a benefit to spawing threads to store data.  But, for 
retrieving, a getMulti method is gonna be better I think than spawning a 
ton of threads.  I would definitely love to see their client (assuming 
it is open) as they may have some good ideas to add into the current 
java client.


Evan Martin wrote:
> I randomly stumbled across this:
> which indicates they've almost got memcached building on win32 (why? not
> sure...), as well as a "more adventurous" Java client that uses
> connection pools, worker threads, etc. for better performance.
> However, August 6th is the last time it's mentioned, so I'm CC'ing this
> mail to the memcached list to some guesses at the author that that blog
> post in hopes of attracting interest from lurkers on this list and
> getting him inspired to distribute/integrate his work.  :)

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