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Patrick Feisthammel pafei at citrin.ch
Sun Apr 3 22:13:26 PDT 2005

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Hi Brad

| But now we go from everything inside memcached being O(1) to suddenly
| having a potentially slow O(n) operation.
| The way I'd prefer to see this done is finish doing server-side namespace
| support, then support a wipe on a namespace.

I completly agree on that. O(n) is bad.

I see two possible solutions for that:

a) A major change in the API, because all requests have to add the
namespace they are ment for.

b) An additional command 'set_namespace'. Alle following commands in the
~ current connection work within the given namespace until the next
'set_namespace' is given.

I think b) is the way to go. It does only add one additional command and
does not change the current API. I think also that most of the time you
have one namespace per connection. So the namespace can be set just
after making the connection.
Drawback: If you use multiple namespaces within one connection you have
always to prepend the 'set_namespace'.

What do you think?


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