Cache::Memcached fix for problems with sockets used as string

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Apr 4 09:43:33 PDT 2005

Could probably remove the "no strict 'refs'" then, huh?

Also, the %reading/%writing hashes... now that $sock is a HASH and not a
string, using $sock as a key is kinda weird.  Might want to change it to
$reading{$sock->name} = $sock.

You do any speed tests before/after this patch?  Cache::Memcached isn't
the fastest thing in the world as it was... hopefully this didn't make it
too much slower?

- Brad

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Gerard Goossen wrote:

> We had some problems using Cache::Memcached, especially when using
> Devel::Profiler, giving strange file handle errors.
> Apparently something did not like the trick in Cache::Memcached where
> the GLOB for a socket was also used as a string. In the attached patch
> this is fixed by using a hash(/object) to store the socket and the
> string.
> Gerard Goossen.

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