Memcached crashing on FreeBSD

Anatoly Vorobey mellon at
Mon Apr 11 11:01:40 PDT 2005

You wrote on Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 01:53:13PM -0400:
> Interesting stuff... As for the malloc options, I'm running the defaults.  I
> suspect nearly every other FreeBSD user is as well.  I wasn't aware of the
> FreeBSD default behavior, or the option to change it.  It does sound like
> this might be a good thing for configure to look for - I'm surprised nobody
> has run in to it yet.

What precisely is the contents of your /etc/malloc.conf (if you have 

It could be something else, a bug in malloc() perhaps, although that 
seems a remote possibility at the moment.

> In FreeBSD, _malloc_options is defined in /usr/include/stdlib.h as:
> extern const char *_malloc_options;
> I've added the following and re-compiled.  My #define picks up locally, but
> my C is rusty and it's been too long for me to know whether or not the
> library will get it.

No, that won't work. The library's already compiled to inspect its
variable, it doesn't care about your #define's.

> A direct assignment of _malloc_options="ax"; won't compile.

It should. Can you give us the compiler output, perhaps?

See a random example program which assigns to _malloc_options here:

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