memcached 1.2_tummy3

Evan Martin evan.martin at
Sat Apr 16 10:01:03 PDT 2005

"This is a fork of the Danga memcached module for Python. Memcached is
a high-performance daemon which can run on multiple systems and cache
database queries and other data to improve performance. For example,
JOTWeb can use memcached to cache rendered pages resulting in being
about 25% slower than Apache serving static pages when serving cached

This is a fork of the code written by the folks at Danga (the authors
of memcached). The base code has some bugs in it, and is missing some
API routines, which the tummy fork fixes/includes. Danga has not
expressed any interest in accepting these changes, so I've forked it."

I looked back through my mail to see if I'd heard from this guy, and
all I have is a few short but reasonable patches and a little
discussion about what improvements I thought would be good.  Not quite
sure what happened, really.  (Brad, you were CC'd on all the mails,
subject "Taking over the maintenance of the memcached Python API.")

I'd suggest either tracking down the patches and integrating them or
just putting up a link on the clients page.

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