Fault tolerance Java Client

Greg Whalin gwhalin at meetup.com
Mon Apr 18 08:53:01 PDT 2005

iabelle LE SAEC wrote:
> My question is:
> why don't we mark the host dead in the case of catching Exception when
> instanciating the  SockIO object?

Hi Isabelle,

We do mark the host dead immediately below the code snippet you posted. 
  However, we do not mark it dead forever.  We have a falling off retry 
timer (try to connect again in 1 sec,then 2, then 4, then 8 ...).  This 
way if the host comes back up, it should automatically be put back into 
the pool.  I plan on adding some functionality to stop this from 
happening (if a host dies, it stays out of rotation until jvm restart).

Hope this answers your question.


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