libmemcache, strtol failed.

Paul Quena chip at
Mon Aug 15 11:25:12 PDT 2005

I am seeing seemingly random failures of libmemcache. We are currently
using the 1.3.0-rc2 release.

The error message is:

mcm_retrive_data():1716 strtol(3) failed: Numerical result out of range:
invalid flags

Manually retrieving the key that it fails on, the flags show the correct
value of 0.

The data that is being retrieved is binary in nature.  I am wondering if
inside mcm_retrieve_data, it is seeking too far, and strtol() is failing
on the binary data.

I am slowly trying to trace through and see how this could happen, but I
haven't found anything yet.  Any ideas?


Paul Querna

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