memcached(8) loosing fd events...

John McCaskey johnm at
Fri Aug 19 10:19:10 PDT 2005

Hmmm I have that from when you told me before... Maybe I have another
issue, I'll have to take an indepth look later this afternoon.  Thanks.

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> Maybe you could provide an example of proper setup and use of custom
> error handlers too ;) For some reason I can't seem to get it
> right...  I'm sure it's a brain dead mistake, if you look at the
> latest php-mcache beta it crashes during error handling if the
> server is down and you try a set.  Pretty irritating, but I haven't
> really had time to trace through everything yet.

You're probably missing this:

  MCM_ERR_INIT_CTXT(ctxt, ectxt);

in your error handler.  Check out mcm_err_func(MCM_ERR_FUNC_ARGS) as a
starting point, it's pretty basic but gets everything.  I've patched
your mcache lib with the above to fix the error handling problems.
pgmemcache has some code in there too...

Look for: memcache_err_func()

... I don't know that I have a URL for the ruby handler, but I think
those provide some decent examples.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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