Memcached "cluster"

Daryn Nakhuda daryn at
Wed Dec 21 19:06:56 UTC 2005

> > So an example of how memcached could be used would be setting up one
> instance
> > per web server and each web server uses its own memcached instance.
> That's a bad idea.  Waste of memory having redundant cache.  And when your
> app invalidates something in the database, you'd have to wipe it from 'n'
> different instances.

Not necessarily a bad idea. Depending on the data that you are caching, and
your system/network architecture, you could certainly get a performance
boost doing this. For example, globally distributed headends could have a
local memcached server per datacenter, and if your content never gets
invalidated except by expiration, you don't have to worry about wiping. Even
if you do invalidate data occasionally, it could still be worth it depending
on the situation. 


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