Fabian Thylmann fabian at
Tue Dec 27 17:17:08 UTC 2005

Lisa Seelye wrote:

>It seems that the PECL API <> is
>now at version 2.0.0, supporting multiple servers with load balancing
>and failover.
>What API is used by list members here? In my tests it seems the PECL
>version is far faster than the PHP API, first posted Aug 2003 to this
>list.  This leads me to want to drop the PHP client from Portage, as the
>PECL version seems to be far better.
>What are the experiences of the list members?
Hi Lisa,

I use an older PECL memcached API version and that one is definately 
very good and works well.. So I am sure v2 is going to be even better. I 
would probably wait for using v2 for another few weeks since it is so 
extremely new, never know if stuff turns up now that more people use it.

Hope this helps,

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