christopher at baus.net christopher at baus.net
Sun Feb 6 11:19:49 PST 2005

I am doing something non-standard with memcached, so I am probably
confusing the issue.  Most assume that the actual data will be stored in a
backend database.  I assume that the canonical data will be in the cache. 
 I am using memcached to store proxy configuration information.

So if the cache consists of

x, y, z

and the new set of keys consists of

w, x, y

I need the resulting keys in the cache to be:

w, x, y

The client doesn't know to delete z, because it doesn't know it is in the
cache.  So that's why I need to hack in some sort of basic key set
operations.  I don't want to delete all the keys and re-add them, because
there will a significant amount of time with a limited set of keys.  I
would rather the changes would be applied key by key.

I looked at the code in more detail yesterday, and I think I could hack
something like this in.  Although I don't think it would be something
generally useful enough to make part of the distribution.



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