Runtime memcached reconfig?

Kevin A. Burton burton at
Thu Feb 10 22:32:37 PST 2005

You know it just dawned on me.  There's probably no way to tell 
memcached to use more or less memory is there?

Right now I have a memcached node running with 768M of memory used.. 
with 1G max.  I'd like to tell it to go ahead and use 2G but in order to 
do that I have to restart it and then blow my cache :-/

Two suggestions...

1.  Maybe memcached should used a config file?  Maybe make it optional 
but it might be a good idea.

2. Has there been any thought about supporting serialization to disk?  
This way I could serialize the current memory to disk and then reload it.

I guess #2 is super complex so it would be a bad idea to implement it...



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