Updating Expiration Time?

Waynn Lue wlue at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 23 04:15:57 PST 2005

I'm using libmemcache-1.2.3 on memcached-1.1.11, and I have a quick question
on expiration times.  I'm storing sessions in memcached (and yes, I saw the
previous threads on why not to do this, but I'm hoping running multiple
memcached instances will provide persistence :-)), and I have them set to
expire in four hours by default.  However, if there's a get on a key in the
server, I want to update the expiration time to four more hours.  That is, I
want every entry to expire four hours from the last access, instead of four
hours from first login.  I've written my own functionality for this, but I
figured I would ask if there's a built-in solution that I've overlooked.  I
didn't find one in the documentation.


Thanks for any advice,


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