memcache(3) 1.2.0 released...

Sean Chittenden sean at
Mon Jan 10 18:40:13 PST 2005

>> Howdy.  Thought a few folks would be interested in the 1.2.0 release.
>> There are a few significant changes that people may want to note.
>> *) Hashing of keys is only performed when there is more than one live
>> server.
> Wow, I (someone) should have thought about this one sooner :)
> Unfortunately I'm locked in at the version I'm using for now, as we are
> already in testing for the application.  But I'm looking forward to
> expanding our memcache usage significantly in coming releases.

Heh, sorry.  I had a brain fart / epiphany while in a zen like state 
playing World of Warcraft (half scotch induced) and it hit me that I 
was wasting CPU cycles in the single server instance.  :-/  It's a 
trivial patch if you want it, I can send you just the relevant bits... 
it's only ~20 lines, most of it a copy/pasted 4 lines.

> [snip]
> This all sounds great.  I've been considering on and off making a php
> module that wraps your work, but so far the PECL one from Anthony 
> Dvogal
> is meeting our needs.  libmemcache is significantly faster, but its 
> very
> hard for me to gauge whether this is just due to the php overhead that
> would also be present in a wrapper for libmemcache or not.  At the same
> time, I'm need to get some practice writing php modules anyway, so I'll
> probably do it pretty soon (maybe this weekend).

If you do, I'll buy you a beer next time I'm in Seattle... I've been 
avoiding doing this for one reason or another... hacking the PostgreSQL 
driver to return bool instead of a string 't' or 'f' (who does that 
anyway?  I mean honestly, how braindead can a driver be anyway?) gave 
me a bad taste in my mouth and sent me back to Ruby.  Look at the Ruby 
wrapper if you want some hints on how to accomplish this... let me know 
when you start though in the event that I end up starting on it 1st.  

PS  I'd like to gauge interest in a commercial version of memcached... 
if you'd be interested in that and very different/extended feature sets 
in memcached(8), could you drop me a line offline?  I've been getting a 
rather large number of requests for various memcache configurations 
over the last week and am thinking it may be time to start offering a 
commercially supported version with various configurations/options.  
Comments welcome.  Alternatively, if you just want a customized 
version, I'd also like to hear about that too.  :-]

Sean Chittenden

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