memcache(3) 1.2.0 released...

Greg Whalin gwhalin at
Wed Jan 12 11:15:42 PST 2005

John McCaskey wrote:
>>Throwing an exception when there is no such key seems a bit scary to me.
>>I used to think that exceptions are throwed in case of some errors, but
>>missing key doesn't look as error to me.
> I agree with that, it was just a quick thought.  But you are very right,
> it would probably be a bit of an abuse of exceptions.

Also, keep in mind, depending on the lang of course, throwing exceptions 
is not generally a fast thing to do.  Exceptions should be used (IMO) 
for "exceptional" situations, where something does not behave as it 
should.  A cache key miss is an entirely valid outcome from a cache 
request.  Not an exception in my mind.

Does PHP not have nulls?


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