memcache(3) 1.2.0 released...

Sean Chittenden sean at
Wed Jan 12 17:44:21 PST 2005

> I notice you started strdup'ing the key's... but you didn't start
> freeing them :)

WHOA!  How embarrassing!  I haven't done something that braindead in 

> Patch to fix insuing memory leak attached...  I made the decision that
> even if the free on delete flag is set to off, then still free the key,
> just not the value.  This way it doesn't create memory leaks in
> previously written code.  Could be you want it the opposite and 
> everyone
> needs to update their code to free the key if they set the flag...

That's close to what needs to happen, I've committed the correct fix 
which adds a bit to _flags.

> Also, I included in the patch commenting out the warnx() calls on
> mcm_server_activate.  When you do a mc_server_activate_all() these
> warnings are always going to occur unless all of your servers were 
> down,
> as such I get a huge amount of warning output that I don't want.  I
> figure no one else would want this either.

I'm going to include customized error handling in the next version, but 
not for the 1.2.0 series.  I'll roll out an updated release later 
tonight.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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