memcache(3) 1.2.1 RELEASE [bug fix]

Sean Chittenden sean at
Thu Jan 20 10:34:50 PST 2005

> Howdy.  memcache(3) is available for use.  1.2.0 had a last-minute 
> brain-o wherein I was forgetting to free(3) a string after 
> strdup()'ing it.
> The one gotcha that does exist in this release is that it doesn't 
> build with the latest version of pmk.  If you've got 0.8.2, don't 
> upgrade to 0.9.0.  pmk 0.9.0 doesn't grok comments, amongst other 
> problems.  I'm hoping 0.9.1 will be cut shortly to address this.  As 
> for other changes, it's pretty light from 1.2.0.

I just got a response from the pmk(1) author about this and have rolled 
1.2.2 to fix building problems for people with pmk 0.9.0.  There are 
*zero* functional differences between 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 so don't feel 
compelled to upgrade if you don't want to (not that I'd imagine many 
did in 12hrs).  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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