[announce] php: mcache extension 1.0

John McCaskey johnm at klir.com
Sat Jan 22 20:20:16 PST 2005

I have put up a simple webpage for my php memcached extension at: http://www.klir.com/~johnm/php-mcache/ 
There have been no changes to the source, so it is still 1.0, but I did include a README and cleaned out the accidentally included /.libs dir that was in the previous tarball.
For those who may have missed the initial announcement, this is a php extension written in c that allows access to memcached servers.  It is based of Sean Chittenden's work on the libmemcache c library, and as such is very fast.  In addition it allows the use of multiple servers, which was previously unavailable in a php extension, and only supported by slow native PHP client apis.
I've also put up some documentation, and some benchmarks (along with the source code used to run them).
In the coming days I will be adding support for persistent memcached objects which eliminates a rather nasty situation that comes up when a connection is timing out, and you end up waiting for this timeout over and over each page load.  (Note that if your memcached is on localhost or even a remote server that is still up, just without memcached running, this will never occur as you get 'connection refused' rather than a timeout, and this is very fast.)
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