Does key length require storage?

Josh Berkus josh at
Mon Jan 24 14:33:46 PST 2005

Xing, et. al:

> > Why isn't this documented anywhere.  Should we be recommending that
> > people use short keys when possible?

It *IS* documented.   Further, there was a discussion on this list earlier to 
use md5 in order to get around the key-length limit.

From the Protocol Docs, and, I'm sure, elsewhere:


Data stored by memcached is identified with the help of a key. A key
is a text string which should uniquely identify the data for clients
that are interested in storing and retrieving it.  Currently the
length limit of a key is set at 250 characters (of course, normally
clients wouldn't need to use such long keys); the key must not include
control characters or whitespace.


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