Large caches ...

Hans-Juergen Schoenig familiar at
Sat Jul 2 12:48:39 PDT 2005

David Phillips wrote:

>On 7/2/05, Hans-Juergen Schoenig <familiar at> wrote:
>>This is the worst crap I have ever seen :).
>>Even considering MySQL as a database is somehow strange - to me it is a
>>pseudo-sql frontend to a flat file but not a database ;).
>MySQL Cluster is a clustered, redundant, entirely in-memory database. 
>You can take down or lose a machine and the cluster stays running with
>no data loss.  It sounds like MySQL Cluster would suite your needs a
>lot better than memcached.

Building an in memory database is not that hard - in fact it is easy. I 
wouldn't call that a real, sophisticated cluster.
What really makes things complex is keeping "real" databases in sync (= 
things must be on disk PERSISTENTLY).


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