Faster way to serve up simple requests?

Evan Martin evan.martin at
Mon Jul 11 13:48:27 PDT 2005

On 7/11/05, Jamie Burns <fantasticjamieburns at> wrote:
> It must be remembered though that a common configuration of passing all
> requests through some kind of "application server" (ie.
> Apache+PHP+memcached) just to serve what is essentially static content is
> such a waste in my opinion. The reduced overhead of not needing Apache+PHP
> can be dramatic. Both of these take up valuable CPU and memory (how many
> Apache processes do you have running? with each one taking up how many
> megabytes of memory?). A modern filesystem cache may make better use of the
> CPU and memory resources.

Another option would be to hook libmemcache directly into thttpd or mathopd.
A filesystem-based cache would do more local caching than memcached
could provide, but with memcached multiple frontends will have a
coherent picture of the cached data.  There are pros and cons for
everything, really.

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