Performance when changing the length of a keys value. (It gets really bad.)

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Thu Jul 14 02:55:19 PDT 2005

Alex Stapleton wrote:
> OK, Here are my tests running the tummy3 fork. Summary: It's a lot 
> better than the danga version.

Brad made it clear on the list that he has no interest in maintaining
the Python client, and wants to withdraw the one that's on Danga's site,
linking to the tummy one instead. I thought this was done, but it turned
out not to be. Brad: is there any reason not to do this?

> It takes a lot longer. Doing tests with smaller samples (like 10-50 
> instead of 5000) it suggests that it gets >100 times slower when your 
> block size gets that large.

Have you profiled your code? Can you pinpoint where time is being spent?
 This doesn't sound like a problem with the memcached server, and given
that Danga no longer maintains the Python client, you will probably have
better luck taking it up with the tummy folks, or a general Python
discussion list.


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