multiple pools in Java

Kevin Burton burton at
Wed Jun 1 11:01:29 PDT 2005

Mybrid Spalding wrote:

> Hi!
>  Greetings from a first-time poster. I'm currently using the Java 
> client to connect to memcached. For robustness reasons I'm thinking of 
> segementing traffic to different caches. That way if one cache pool 
> goes down I can route to another. However, reading the Java docs its 
> not obvious to me how to or a good strategy.

Actually this is a standing problem in my mind. 

The java memcached implementation is a singleton.  There's no way to 
have two sets of memcached servers. 

This can be used for namespacing.  Certain types of cache data might 
want to have different policies.  For example if one logical cache has 
few updates but is very expensive to fetch from teh original source you 
might want to keep it around FOREVER.  However if you have a secondary 
cache which is active it will push out the first cache (assuming you're 
on the same box).

The java-memcached client could easily be updated - maybe like a 5 line 
patch - to fix this.  Problem.  The existing API could also be preserved 
and users could just assume its the "default pool"...

Greg... did you ever get around to putting memcached into CVS :)



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